Define opportunity for your D&I strategy

D&I strategies are multilevel action plans that have the capability to deliver a host of benefits across departments, business priorities and objectives. However, a list of every potential positive outcome will not create a compelling opportunity
on its own. Use this step to outline specific ‘unmet needs’ or deficiencies within your business that your D&I plan will address and support your firm in achieving.

Identify limitations or opportunities across all departments (for small companies, within your current team) that could benefit from a D&I strategy. For example, does HR need help with increased employee engagement? Does the product team need a greater understanding of the underlying users of the product? Does the customer success department need to reach more diverse groups of customers?

From this list, select the key priorities which you can use to demonstrate potential value and benefits. These priorities will serve as the foundation for your D&I strategy.

To ensure your D&I strategy stays relevant as an ongoing initiative, once the strategy is developed, make sure it is reviewed on a regular basis (i.e via employee surveys and/or as an agenda item at regular board meetings).